Fear is all in a day's work

Welcome to Schreckwerk, a feature for my various haunt projects. Items are typically posted as they are completed. Links to the in-process phases may be shown at certain times.

2011 Projects

Grim Tales

Once upon a time, in a land (fortunately) far, far away...

Son of Funkystain

My tentative house and yard haunt for 2011.

2010 Projects

Fear on Film: A History of Horrors Through the Lens

The 2010 YMCA haunt, featuring homages to films from The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari through Saw

2010 Trick-or-Treat Haunt

A front-yard quickie to maintain my reputation in the neighborhood.

Ongoing Efforts and Older Odds and Ends

Miskatonic University Library

First phase of a long-term project for a Lovecraft-themed haunt

Castle Funkystain

The 2009 YMCA Haunt, home of the cannibalistic and very mad scientist Dr. Rotvic Funkystain and his hideous laboratory.

Yard Ghosts

Simple but effective ectoplasmic emanations.

The Dim Future